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Extension Software for Sage CRM™: CRM Global Atlas v4.0

CRM Systems CRM Global Atlas v4.0

  CRM Systems CRM Global Atlas v4.0

Explore your world.
CRM Global Atlas is an advanced, multipoint geographical mapping extension for Sage CRM.   Integrating Live dynamic maps with Sage CRM, this software has limitless potential uses.
  • Locate a prospect or customer visually
  • Get driving instructions on how to get there
  • Find out where to dine out nearby, or where schools, parking or other points of interest are
  • Search an area an map out any contacts in your database – use this information to efficiently visit nearby prospects and clients to a location you are already at!
  • Utilize advanced satellite imagery – see the place you plan to visit from above!
  • Soar over locations and get a birds eye view – and in doing so, choose your direction of approach. This allows you to view a building from all 4 sides!
  • Use 3-D mode to walk down the Las Vegas strip, or through any large metro area at ground level, while having the buildings pop up beside you.
CRM Global Atlas automatically determines the GPS coordinates of any address you enter into the system. Behind the scenes this data is calculated and maintained, so that you have any location details available to you at the click of a button. There are many applications for CRM Global Atlas, for example:
  • Commercial or Residential Real Estate. If a customer is looking for a property, why just tell them about it? Show it to them!
  • Transportation. CRM Global Atlas facilitates the transport industry by providing full, detailed, up to the minute maps of locations throughout the world.
  • Sales – its much easier to get somewhere if you know where you are going. Get driving instructions between any 2 points on your map, and find points of interest near by
  • Service and Support. Plan daily support, delivery or service routes to cover the most area in the least amount of time
  • Direct Marketing. Plan direct marketing campaigns, and use the detailed mapping capabilities to work out where, and when marketing pieces can be dropped
The possibilities are almost endless! Try CRM Global Atlas today. Contact us for a free trial! 

Product Screen Captures

Global Atlas Screen Cap One
Map of company in your CRM system
Global Atlas Screen Cap Two
Directions field
Global Atlas Screen Cap Three
Options available to your mapping choice - find directions, search within area, etc.
Global Atlas Screen Cap Four
Options for company addresses


Sage CRM 5.7+

Reasons to Buy

  • Provides world wide topographical and satellite mapping capabilities to CRM
  • Fully integrated to CRM target lists and groups
  • Useful for finding locations on the road
  • Directions and driving instructions at the touch of a button
  • Enhanced Satellite and 3d mapping via Microsoft Virtual Earth
  • Fully integrated into Sage CRM
  • Lets you visually see where your contacts are located

Who's using it?

  • Transport
  • Real Estate
  • Delivery
  • Any organization doing sales/service
  • Organizations reliant on mapping

You can purchase CRM Global Atlas from your local CRM Systems Software Partner. Alternately, contact us and we'll help you find the authorized reseller nearest you!

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